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Peter AlltonAs someone who lives with Type 2 diabetes, Peter Allton knows how important education is to managing the condition. When his daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 11 Peter decided to take action, start the global Undefeeted movement and promote good foot health for diabetes sufferers.

Peter has 27 years of experience as a podiatrist, having qualified as a podiatrist in 1988. He has since treated over 200,000 feet. He will be at AuthorCraft, one year on from his launch at the IoD to talk about his story and what happened next..

INDIA-distribution-bannerCongratulations to Filament authors DEE BLICK and CAROLE SPIERS who are the first of our authors to benefit from having their books  being printed and distributed in India using our new partnership with Sansrack in Chennai.  We are in the process of adding our other titles to the supply chain there which will plug them into  this massive and growing marketplace there.

Yeshu'a booktile

Congratulations to Filament author Pietro de la Luna whose beautiful book ‘Yeshu’a – the story of the hidden life of Jesus’ has just achieved Best Seller status in the USA.  His five star reviews on Amazon say it all “Such a beautifully written masterpiece, it is as if i am living within it, transported back to the moments, watching all that happens as a sacred witness, the sights, scents, and sounds etched upon my soul. Mr. de la Luna has renewed my spirit. He demonstrates poetic courage in chronicling his vision.” Well done Pietro!

TDF Finalist Award RosetteWK Headshot 2015

Congratulations to Filament author, international expert, speaker and author Warren Knight, whose book Think #Digital First is now a finalist for the  prestigious Marketing Book of the Year.  Marketing Book of the Year is organised by M&SB and selects the best global Marketing Book of The Year.


image1Congratulations to Filament author, and AuthorCraft Member,  Smita Joshi, author of the wonderful trilogy Karma and Diamonds for her starring appearance on Sky Channel 788, Zee TV which is India’s biggest TV channel, and is also popular in the Middle East and South East Asia.   She was on their peak time programme ‘Chai and Chit Chat’ – the Indian equivalent of ITV’s Loose Women.  She has already been booked for a second appearance later in the year. Well done, Smita!


Give your book an unfair advantage!

Our philosophy at Filament is that it is not just what we can do for you, but it is what you will become as a result of working with us. We help and train our authors to become fluent with all the social media and communication tools they will need to grow a following and to position themselves as a go-to expert in their field.  BOOK LAUNCH COUNTDOWN is our unique 12 week programme of weekly check lists and mentoring calls to ensure that nothing is forgotten.