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Why should  you choose Filament?

There is a bewildering array of options open to authors to get their books printed and sold. Increasingly, many authors choose the freedom of doing everything themselves and often, because of a lack of knowledge of the marketplace, restrict the routes to market that are available to them, pay more than they need to,  and often don’t achieve their full potential as a result.

There are many small publishing houses that offer a ‘Self-Publishing’ service, but many will require the author to sign over their rights and then only offer them a limited routes to market, and little genuine post-publication support.

Then there are the South American River Pirates who, like Voldemort cannot be named, and who are increasingly trying to entice authors to put their titles exclusively in their hands and abdicate everything to them.   Putting all one’s egg into one basket has never been seen as sensible in any field, but if you want to generate a proper income from your books, having only once source of royalties, especially as it is the least profitable route to market, is not a recipe for marking money. With some 32 million books on their systems, and despite their clever algorithms, it is still a lottery as to whether your book gets found.  Successful authors need to be far more in control of their future and not be restricted as to where they can promote their books.

The reality is that, for a book to achieve its full potential, authors need all routes to market, but especially the ones that generate the most return. Sales made by the author from

  • their own website
  • email marketing
  • public speaking events
  • trainings and workshops
  • affiliate marketing
  • joint ventures
  • strategic partnerships
  • blogging and social media
  • YouTube
  • book signings and promotions

should generate a profit of around 70%. Sales through the book trade will only give a return of nearer 10%.  However, you need to be able to get your own book stock at a price that allows these margins.  You certainly don’t get that buying books from the USA and having them shipped to the UK!

Our philosophy at Filament is that it is not just what we can do for you and with you, but it is what you will become as a result of working with us. We help our authors to become fluent with all the social media and communication tools they will need to position themselves in the marketplace, to grow a following and to position themselves as a go-to expert in their field.  We also link you with other authors on the same journey that you can learn from.

You will be working with a publisher on a one-to-one basis, and not just part of an anonymous production line. We will create a bespoke programme tailored to your specific needs.

Publishing choices

With Filament, we offer Partnership Publishing, a concept we have been developing for some years to fill a need in the marketplace. This is where the author and the publisher both play to their own strengths and achieve something together that neither can achieve on their own.

With Partnership Publishing;

  • the author is in charge of their project – the publisher is there for help and advice
  • the author manages their project using a cloud-based project management system and can be as ‘hands-on’ (or not) as they choose
  • the author has direct contact with all the specialists on their project team – such as the editor, layout artist, cover designer, proofreader, PR expert, web designer, videographer etc
  • the author chooses those tasks they are the best person to do, and outsources the rest
  • all rights remain the property of the author – no rights get signed away. The author licences the publisher to manage rights on their behalf
  • you have a choice of business models – one size does not fit all
  • you receive training to enable you to be self-sufficient in all the skills and processes you will need to be a successful ‘Author-preneur’
  • Countdown to Launch programme – covering the build-up to publication day
  • Post-Publication – media and PR, supply chain management, fulfilment and distribution, and ongoing training and support

For authors that only want to outsource one or more processes, we offer a ‘pick and mix’ menu of services to choose from on a Pay-as-You-Go basis.

By packaging a number of services together, it is possible to offer economies of scale. We can quote for a bespoke package with your selection from the menu of services.

Alternatively, you can select from the ready-made packages, based on what the majority of our authors ask for.

Why choose Filament?


BookFlow is our own unique global book distribution platform. It brings together all of our many print and distribution partners around the world into one portal to enables us to get your title found and distributed through the book trade in 220 countries.

Meet the Team

Filament Publishing are members of the Independent Publishers Guild and has been pushing out the boundaries of publishing for 16 years.  It was founded by Chris Day in 1991, when he came from working in the head office of Encyclopaedia Britannica – itself a great innovator in creating new products and new routes to market.  Over time, we have built an incredible team of talented people with all the skills you need to successfully bring your book to market and build a profitable business around it.

Our specialty is partnership publishing – in which both the author and the publisher play to their strengths. By working together, we can achieve far more than either of us could alone. Our philosophy is to help our authors to build a sustainable business around their books and become effective Author-preneurs.

As members of the Independent Publisher Guild, we are well connected, and also have strong links to a Literary Agent. We help our authors to be represented at the main international book fairs and to achieve additional income by selling their overseas and translation rights. We also have connections across the book trade and into all the bookshops.

We also convert our titles into all electronic formats including Apple, Kobo, Nook, all Android devices, Kindle – and distribute them to the 70 other eBook retailers around the world – not just Amazon!

In addition, we have trained journalists on our team and extensive media databases to ensure your news reaches the right media.

Over the past 16 years, we have developed a great track record of helping our authors achieve their objectives.

Everything is underpinned by a stunning cloud-based author project management system which enables you to remain in control of your project wherever you are in the world.

Author Peter Allton says: “It always amazes me how much you give to all your authors and even those not publishing with yourself. AuthorCraft is a veritable feast of knowledge and support and certainly helped me to get my book finished and published. Thanks Chris and team.”

 Traditional ‘No cost’ Publishing

We are open to receiving submissions from authors who have been previously published, have a track record of sales and have an established following. We publish a limited number of titles each year where we take on all the risk and publish at no cost to the author.

Partnership Publishing

For new authors coming to market for the first time, we offer a far less risky alternative to self publishing where both author and publisher work together, both playing to their individual strengths. Partnership Publishing keeps the author in control of their project and gives them the best possible help and support from an experienced publisher.

Literary Agency and Representation

For books that meet the exacting criteria of the major international publishing houses, we can provide a direct route for our authors to have the representation of a Literary Agent at book fairs around the world.

‘Click and Create’ Publishing

For authors who prefer to completely self publish but need help with specific services, we offer a simple pay-as-you-go service for just those things that they need help with. Select the services you need and tap into the expertise of our experienced team.

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