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If you are looking to publish your book with an expert who will make time for you and ensure that your book deserves the profile it deserves, then look no further. I recommend Chris highly and know you will be delighted you chose him to be your publisher.

Carole Spiers – Business speaker on stress. International Author

Chris is genuinely interested in individuals and tailors his advisory approach to that interest, adapting to varied needs. His expectations of collaborative accord brings out an equivalent generosity in others, and his personal warmth achieves both understanding and collaboration that expertise alone would lack. He drives himself to the limit, yet seems able to continue to think and innovate creatively. Most noticeably he draws in others of similar talents, a hub of mutually supportive fans.

Philippa Rees – Independent Writing and Editing Professional

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Meet our Filament Dream Team!

It is our team that delivers our promises.  All the expertise you need to successfully turn your manuscript into a stunning book, raise your profile, and turn your knowledge into income.  In addition, we have a valued outsource team of other specialists that we work with regularly who we can call on to spread the load. We always have the capacity to help, even at busy times.  We recognise that today’s authors need to be proficient in a wide range of skills to build a following, and to raise their profile in all the social media platforms, so we provide opportunities for authors to learn and become self-sufficient as author-preneurs. It is not just what you get, as what you become.

Filament offers traditional publishing services, without any author contribution, to established authors with an existing track record of sales through the book trade, a substantial following on social media, and a high media profile.

For up-and-coming authors of business books, mind body spirit, true stories and biographies, we offer Partnership Publishing where both the author and the publisher work together and play to their individual strengths to produce an outcome that neither could achieve on their own. Partnership Publishing involves an author contribution.

For authors of children’s books, Christian titles, and fiction books, we offer a menu of specific services on a Pick’n’Mix basis which supports authors who are self-publishing. This include access to BOOKFLOW, a standalone global book distribution solution for self-published authors.

We publish, print and distribute worldwide into 220 countries. We also have titles in Chinese and Arabic.

Filament also acts as a literary scout on behalf of a leading literary agent to seek out title that have potential for mass market appeal and meet the criteria of the large publishing houses.

Does you book meet our editorial selection criteria?

The Filament Author Bursary Fund


Every book we publish makes a small contribution to our Author Bursary Fund.

This fund enables us to support deserving authors who have a worthwhile book project which, without support, would not be published.

Author Bursaries are awarded on merit and by invitation only, usually based on the recommendation of an editor. In certain circumstances, the fund will also match an author’s contribution towards publishing services, pound for pound, to support a project. Bursaries cannot be applied for but may be awarded to help a very special project come to fruition. Recipients of a bursary will remain anonymous and all offers are made privately.