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Raphael Rowe from Netflix publishes with Filament

Raphael Rowe is an investigative journalist, best known for his work with BBC’s Panorama.  He is the presenter of the hit Netflix series Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons, now in its third series. Raphael’s new book is due out in Autumn 2020.

Professor Michael Crawford and David EL Marsh publish with Filament

Professor Michael Crawford, the first person to identify the role of DHA and Omega-3 as the building blocks of the brain and David EL Marsh, international expert on Darwin, are seen here with Chris Day from Filament.  Michael’s new book is The Brain Under Siege, which will be published by Filament in July 2020.

Rick Lowe - Master of the Guild of Entrepreneurs

Rick Lowe is the Master of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and the founder of Brands In Ltd, a pioneering global branded merchandising company. He is seen here with Chris Day (L) and Alexandra Truta, the founders of Authoritize.

Rick’s book is The Maverick Entrepreneur and tracks his personal journey from start-up on a stall in Portabello market, to a global enterprise supplying Amazon and all of the top high street retailers. It shares what he has learnt on his journey and the nuggets of gold which can help other entrepreneurs grow their business.

Congratulations, Esther!

 A big CONGRATULATIONS to Esther Stanhope, who on 23rd March was awarded ‘Highly Commended’ at the Business Book Awards 2020! Esther’s book, Goodbye Glossophobia, which was released by Filament Publishing in 2019, won the award in the ‘Short Business Book’ category. The awards ceremony was due to be held as a glitzy gala event in London but was cancelled due to the coronavirus and run as a Facebook Live event. All shortlisted authors pre-recorded acceptance speeches at home, but did not know they had won until it was announced live.

 Esther’s an international confidence speaker and personal impact expert – known as The Impact Guru. Goodbye Glossophobia helps readers banish the fear of public speaking.


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Carole Spiers

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Philippa Rees

Independent Writing and Editing Professional

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Joe Adams joins Filament

Joe D Adams was the CEO of Encyclopaedia Britannica in the UK and Ireland for 35 years, during which time he grew the operation from just a handful of people to an organisation turning over some £50 million. His early life in sales started in his native USA where the only way to find a customer was to knock on doors. His story is an inspiration to anyone involved in sales. His new book Giving Good Weight is being published by Filament in June 2020.

Jos Frederiks - Change your Words to Change your Life

Jos Frederiks was born and raised in Brabant in the Netherlands in an entrepreneurial family. He started his career as a sales manager in business services and worked at a high level in some of the largest international companies. He quickly learnt the value of good communication and how the intelligent use of words can create positive outcomes. He also discovered that he was a natural coach and was often asked by his colleagues for advice and guidance. This helped him develop the art of listening and a curiosity of the way that people use words so carelessly when they talk. As a result, he studied and gained qualifications in psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. His book is being released in Summer 2020.