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Make my World Complete – Michael Khatkar

A mysterious book is weaved deep into the lives of three people entwined by tragedy, regret, pain and romance. There is no escape from the circumstances of choice, as physical and psychological retribution haunts the individuals, plummeting their maladjusted lives to inhuman levels of degradation and adversity. Catastrophe blights their days with despair and misfortune, pushing them to extreme depths of carnal and mental deterioration, catalysed by their unpredictable and insecure tryst. Three dysfunctional lives directed and deviated by a book titled ‘Make my
World Complete’ malignantly bonding them together, questioning their individual interpretations of love and life itself.

Disconcerting and volatile, Make my World Complete will drag you through an identical whirlwind of extreme emotions as experienced by the characters, compelling you to examine the essence of your own purpose the life you live and love itself.

Title: Make my World Complete

ISBN‐13: 978‐1‐912256‐75‐4

Author: Michael Khatkar

Size in mm: 216 x 140 x 13

Pages: 238

Binding: Paperback

RRP: £13.99