What difference will it make becoming an author in 2020?

By Chris Day – co-founder of Authoritize


There is no better time to become a properly published author than right now. It is not just the start of a new year, but also of a new decade. The perfect time for you to properly recognised for being a leader in your field and to be the go-to person for what you are passionate about.

You have worked really hard to get where you are today, all you need is a small boost to move you up to the next level – the global stage. And it is so close! But also, so elusive.

Have people already been asking you if you have a book? Doesn’t this tell you something? They are interested in you and your journey; what experiences have shaped your thinking and your philosophy. People always buy people first before they enter your marketplace and buy what you have to offer. Without a book to define who you are, you are making people search harder to find out. Don’t let others define you. They can never do you justice.

If you need to raise your profile with the people you really want to influence, now is the time to act. Your definitive book is indeed the key,

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Or are you worried that, knowing how busy you are, it is unrealistic to think you could ever have the time or the bandwidth to write it?

I don’t have time to write a book!

Never forget that a book is made of just words. How those words are created doesn’t matter. They are still your words. Whilst many authors do indeed sit down and type away on a keyboard, a good number of them speak their words, record and transcribe them. A perfectly acceptable way to write a book.

To help with that process, we offer a series of ‘power interviews’ to help draw out your words and your thoughts. These can be on the phone, Skype of Zoom and take place whenever you have down time, wherever you happen to be in the world.

Having established the structure of the book and an overview of the contents,  we prompt you with open questions and help to download what is in your brain. We then take the transcription and pass it to one of our editors to start editing, structuring and polishing. You will be amazed who quickly your manuscript will come together.  From start to finish, your book can be out in the bookshops within six months, vastly faster than traditional routes to market.

Another technique is to create your content by giving workshops or seminars and recording them. You will also have the added advantage of the feedback and questions from your attendees who may well draw out additional content from you. Whenever you are talking, you are creating new content. Unless you are in the habit of recording it, you have wasted the opportunity to repurpose those valuable words.

Is it worth all the effort?

If your book is an essential element to positioning you in the marketplace, there is no time to hang about.

The one thing that authors don’t expect is that people view them differently as a published author. A properly published book sold in the bookshops gives you a status that no eBook could ever achieve.

You become of more interest to the media. Your book defines you as a expert and someone who can be relied on to be interviewed and to make comments about the industry. It is worth practicing your book ”elevator pitch”. You never know when you will need it!

However, the biggest difference your book will have is in positioning you as an expert keynote speaker and building on what you are already doing in that space.  We will work with you to attract those high paying speaking events around the world which become possible now you have that status as a properly published author.

Can you make money as an author?

Absolutely you can, and in multiple ways!   You will be selling books in two main ways, firstly through book shops around the world, and secondly through the routes to market that you control yourself such as your website, digital marketing and at your speaking events. The later can be making you a profit of at least 60% on each book sold. However, many of our authors comment on the fact that their main business has increased in size since their books came out. It is the best business card you could possibly have!


Can’t I just do this myself?

There is a big difference is ‘self-publishing’ to being properly published by an established publishing house. Far too many authors, who have gone down the route of trying to do everything themselves, have found this out to their cost.

They simply didn’t know what they didn’t know and thought that all it took was to self-publish and put their book on Amazon. It didn’t take long to discover their mistake when their realised that the book shops knew nothing about their book and could not stock it. Not the way to achieve global domination!

For you to achieve your objectives you need an experienced publisher and a specialist team around you who know what needs to happen next, at every stage. You need a worldwide supply chain in place to service local orders in every continent.

In addition, you also need support your book launch with media interviews and article in your specialist media. A PR campaign has to peak on the day of publication. That is where our Authoritize PR experts can make all the difference.

To help you to understand the process, we have produced a work book, “Book Launch Countdown” will help you to think and plan ahead.


Why Authoritize?

So why are we so passionate about working with you? Authoritize was born out of a need.  Our core service was originally just international publishing which we successfully did for over 20 years. However, our authors came to us for help with many other challenges such as personal branding and PR; digital marketing; help with building a following and managing email marketing. Others needed help in staging events with filming and live streaming. No author can know or do everything themselves. All you need to do is to cause things to happen.

So, we listened and brain-stormed, and the result was Authoritize, a multi-solution company which is focussed on helping the author to build a successful business around their book and to become self-sufficient in all of the processes involved.

Everything we do can be done with you (so you learn how) or done for you, to help to maximise your time. Everything we do is author-centric.

Is this what you are looking for?  Then book a discovery session today and get the clarity you need to make this new year,2020, the most amazing one yet!


Chris Day

Co-Founder of Authoritize


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