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Advance news of Roy Francis new book on Gospel Music

We are delighted to announce that long standing Filament author is in the final stages of producing his new book “How to Make Gospel Music Work For You“.

How to Make Gospel Music Work for You” by Roy Francis, is an authoritative and informative book, about both the history of gospel music and essential advice on how to make it in the Gospel music industry.
Roy was brought up in the Pentecostal Church and was immersed in gospel music from an early age. He then became a gospel artist himself before becoming an extremely successful and well-respected producer of music programmes such as Songs of Praise on the BBC and Channel 4’s People Get Ready.
Packed with first-hand knowledge, inspirational ideas and tips, this book is for you if:
you want to expand your knowledge of the Gospel scene in the UK
you are starting out in the Gospel music industry and need help and guidance
you are already a Gospel music artist but have lost your enthusiasm and drive for your music
you are interested in the history of Black and Gospel music