Announcing a new way to manage your author project.

No matter where you are in the world, you can log on and monitor the progress of your publishing project in real time.  Every aspect of your project can be seen and you can communicate directly with all of your publishing team.

The system has been adapted from Teamwork Project and has been personalised to suit the needs of our authors.  Files of any size can be uploaded in batches – saving time.  This means that you can check out the latest version of your book and make comments back to your designer.

All the tasks necessary to get your book to market are listed along with who they have been allocated to. There are milestones for every stage of the project, so you know you are on track.

If you have people you are working with, you can add them to the system as well so that everyone is in the loop.   If you are not yet on the system, ask for your login details and welcome email.