What is an Author Business Coach?

“Every new book is a start-up business and needs to be viewed as such if it is to realise its potential”

Getting your book published,  no matter how you achieve that, is not enough on its own to guarantee success. There is one new book published every 20 minutes in the UK. that works out to 184,000 every year – and that doesn’t include ebooks and those that are self-published.  Not every book is going to fulfil its potential and make money for its author.  If you want your book to be one of the ones that does, then the time to plan for that is now, not after you have written it.

An Author Business Coach is interested in much more than helping you to create a great manuscript and to help you with the mechanics of publishing. They are there to help to give you clarity on all of the elements needed to make it a commercial success and create a robust business around your words

An Author business Coach will

  • Help you understand why you are writing your book and the outcomes you want both for you and also your reader.
  • Provide validation of your concept and content. Will it work in the marketplace?
  • Identify your most profitable routes to market. Where will you make the most money?
  • What is your business model and will it deliver the results you want?
  • What do you need to do to set up an author business?
  • What tools and process will you need to manage it?
  • Understand your Income and Expenditure – and profit!
  • Help you to create your Personal Branding
  • Essential Business and Financial Tools
  • Be a sounding board as you develop your material
  • How many ways are there to repurpose and monetise your content
  • Which is the best way of getting published?
  • Which Social media channels will produce the best results?
  • What are the most cost-effective ways of marketing your offering
  • What do you need to unlock lucrative speaking opportunities?
  • How to make yourself media-friendly
  • Help you to create a project timeline and set milestones
  • Give advice on building a following and fanbase

Author Business Coaching is available through

  • Initial call to get clarity, market validation, business model, and niche – £150
  • Ongoing One-2-One Zoom calls – £100 per month  (up to two hours) on Zoom over a number of pre-booked sessions
  • Open Webinars – £25 per online session
  • Group Workshops – £25 per live zoom event

 Call us on 020 8688 2598 or email  info@filamentpublishing.com