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The AuthorCraft Concierge Service is aimed at busy authors and public speakers who need a knowledgeable extra pair of hands to support them with their business.  For those that do not have the luxury of a support team behind them to provide ‘back office’ services, but could do with someone to delegate marketing, promotions, creative, production and event tasks, then the AuthorCraft Concierge Service is for you.

If might be that you need some pull up banners to be created and set up at the venue you are speaking at; it could be that you need someone to arrive at a venue and set up a table of books for sale on your behalf. Maybe you urgently need some posters of fliers to be designed, printed and dispatched and are just too busy training or speaking to do it yourself.

The AuthorCraft Concierge Service draws on our extensive team of designers, technicians, copy-writers, printers and project managers to be available to solve your problems and immediate needs.

You have your own portal on our cloud-based Author Project Management System which enables you to stay in charge of your project wherever you are in the world

How does it work?

To join the service, we ask for a membership fee of just £60 per month which gives you access to your own project manager, who will get to know your preferences and needs.  Each task or service you request will be charged for on an hourly rate of £60 invoice monthly. External services or purchases will be quoted for in advance and would need to be resourced at the time of purchase.

For clients working in other time zones, we can also offer a 24 hour service for a monthly subscription of £100. We also have project partners in all major countries.

Never forget that as a speaker, author or entrepreneur, you will be recognised and rewarded, not by what you do, but by what you cause to happen.  The AuthorCraft Author Concierge Service enables you to achieve more by outsourcing those time consuming ’penny-tasks’ and give you more time to do those things that earn you money.

Try before you buy! Your first month is free of charge.

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