Black Lives Matter- Forgiveness, freedom and a fresh start- How we can all reconcile from our hidden colonial history.

In her book, BEST OF THREE WORLDS, Hansa Pankhania offers a solution to the issue of the mental shackles of the colonial shared history, reconcile our pasts and make a fresh start.

  The book will: 

  • Educate you on the Shared Colonial history and enable reconciliation.
  • Immerse you in the richness of Indian, African and English cultures
  • Benefit you from East and West health techniques and philosophies
  • Show you how to gain confidence and self-belief

 BEST OF THREE WORLDS is a true story which gives you a first-person insight to what life was like for the African and Indian communities in Kenya and India during the Colonial Era. It has a first-hand account of when Kenya got its Independence from Britain and the events before and after Independence.

 In this book, Hansa also passes on the values, experiences, universal and natural scientifically proven mindfulness-based principles and practices, that have helped her to deal with these stressful times, sustain wellbeing, resilience and direction in her life. The lessons learned and practices she adopts are from three continents from which her ancestors originate and are well tried and tested over generations.

 She says:

’There is a lot of British bashing going on now with the media coverage on the history of slavery, colonialism, and black lives matter. There is no doubt that exploitation happened. 

Is it time for those affected to forgive? After all, Nelson Mandela’s famous quote after his release from prison said-

‘I would still be in prison if I did not forgive’.

The path of recrimination, revenge and war does not solve anything accept put us back into our mental prisons. As someone who has lived in  Kenya during the colonial era, I would suggest it is time for all of us to let go of the shackles of anger and injustice and make a fresh start as equal human beings.  To aim to be part of a fair human race and no other. Treat each other with love and compassion. That is the only way forward.

There is also room for gratitude. The British built railways and the infrastructure that has been beneficial economically to those countries. It is because of the colonial distribution of labour across the world that Indians and other communities have a global base and an advantage because of the English language.

 We can make a lot of good from a bad situation by claiming our freedom. Let us forgive and make a fresh start into the human race where we are all brimming with respect and care for each other.’


About Hansa Pankhania

Hansa Pankhania is an Author, Corporate Well- Being Consultant/Trainer and Executive Coach. To date, she has worked with over 250 companies helping them to reduce stress and build resilience, increasing their profitability and cost effectiveness.

She integrates eastern and western resilience and mindfulness-based concepts into her work. The lessons learned and practices she adopts are from three continents from which her ancestors originate and are well tried and tested over generations.

She is also the author of the series- ‘From Stress to Success’ and in the process of publishing a trilogy of children’s books that help them to deal with stress using natural techniques.