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Is the Traditional Publishing Industry Finally Catching Up?

By Mercy Pilkington Only a handful of years ago, self-published authors fought for legitimacy and respect while readers, retailers, and the traditional publishing industry scoffed at the notion that anyone would buy a book that hadnÔÇÖt been passed through the infamous ÔÇ£gate.ÔÇØ Even with the names of early multi-million selling authors being thrown around, names […]

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Children’s Print Book Sales Buck the Trend

By Jonathan Nowell | At our Nielsen ChildrenÔÇÖs Summit in New York in December, we talked about how childrenÔÇÖs print book sales around the world in the last couple of years have been nothing short of fantastic. Total print sales in the US rose 2%, but childrenÔÇÖs was the key driver, with 13% growth. In […]

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Apple moves Audiobooks to iBooks,

By Roger Fingas Apple’s newly released iOS 8.4 beta relocates audiobooks out of the Music app into iBooks, and it adds a separate launcher for them in CarPlay, AppleInsider has discovered. With the first beta of iOS 8.4, CarPlay users will see a new “Audiobooks” app sporting the iBooks icon. The change to CarPlay was […]

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By Narrative Science Analysts are predicting grim results for when the company releases its first quarter numbers on Thursday, April 23, 2015. They are expecting the company to take a loss of 12 cents a share after booked a profit of 23 cents a year ago. The consensus estimate hasnÔÇÖt changed over the […]

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Why Twitter is the top tool for IT professionals

by Dee Blick As an IT professional, you can be forgiven for thinking that LinkedIn is the only space to profile-raise online. But consider Twitter. ItÔÇÖs no longer just home to celebrities. Today youÔÇÖre as likely to find the CEO of a global brand on Twitter, not to mention many of your peers, future employers […]

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How can I sell more books?

by Chris Day These days is it so easy to get a book printed and to fill a garage with boxes of them, but the one thing that stumps to many self published authors is getting their books from there into the waiting arms of their perfect reader. There many other authors too who have […]

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Filament enters its 16th year in publishing

These days, since the pendulum swung away from the traditional 19th century Business of Publishing to a new era in which an author can be found online from anywhere in the world in three clicks of a mouse, there is a massive realignment going on as everyone in the industry seems to be reinventing themselves […]

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Why audio content will serve you well

by Viv Oyolu ThereÔÇÖs so much talk about audio and podcasts today! If youÔÇÖre still not thinking about finding the best format to use it, donÔÇÖt despair! I penned a blog last summer ÔÇô 5 Steps for beginners, which hopefully should start your thinking process and if you look through some of the other posts […]

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