Begging for it by Rosamund Walters
£9.99 €11.99 USA$14.99 ISBN 978-1- 912256-33-4

Rosamund Walters, who was always an animal lover, after her husband passed away in January 1996, she dedicated her life to make the dog world a better world by teaching dog owners the power and benefits of natural feeding, always believing you are what you eat.

She studied nutrition and was rewarded with an honours degree and became a recognised as a dog nutritionist, always believing natural feeding was the way for a dog to enjoy a healthier and happier life.

During her life Rosamund assisted many dogs and their owners and many dogs and dog owners have showed much gratitude over the years to Rosamund for her advice and her recipes, that gave dogs a new lease of quality life and in some cases where the dogs health has improved dramatically allowing the dog to survive which was not an option before Rosamund became involved.

With much success in the canine world, Rosamund became recognised as one of the best dog nutritionist in the world, with having many clients around the world who came to her for advice and assistance to improve their dogs life and quite often to cure their dogs from such illness.

Rosamund spent her life believing in the natural way to feed dogs for a better life and happiness, she did not believe in chemical and unnatural foods which many dogs are fed today, believing the natural way is the best way for a dog to live a healthy and happy life with the added benefit to the owner of reduction of vets bills due to a drop in illness.

Rosamund starting writing a book with the desire that dog owners should be able to have the option of alternative feeding and make dog owners aware that feeding their pets the natural way can prolong their life of their much loved pet and allowing their pet to be happier and full of so much energy, however, in the busy society where do the dog owners start to work out recipes etc for their beloved family pet.

This book and all the recipes are the work of Rosamund who spent from 1996 until she passed away in February 2016 researching dog groups, allowing her to make the dog recipes that are now easy to follow and can be easily prepared for your dog without any research.During these 20 years Rosamund became highly respected and saved many dogs life’s with natural feeding assistance and many families have extended their family pet quality of life by following her recipes.

Rosamund never saw her book published, however, she dedicated her last years assisting the family pet, the dog owner, for a better quality of life, a happier life and something she really believed in “ natural feeding” and with this in mind, it has been a great privilege to complete the journey that Rosamund started and produce this book,  allowing  all the dog owners in the world to share her research and dedication on nutrition and the best food for your family pet, your dog that gives you so much happiness and love, surely what your dog deserves.