Can I be traditionally Published?

Income and Investment

Your book is an investment in yourself, your brand and your business. It will raise your profile in a way that nothing else can; position you as an expert and go-to person in your marketplace and grow your business.

Many authors expect that, no matter what the book, there is a publisher out there that would be willing to take it off thier hands, invest their money in producing and printing it, and pay you handsomely for the privilege.  However, in today’s digital world, it is no longer quite as simple. 

Filament is a traditional publisher and we are always looking for authors who have sufficient standing in the marketplace to make our investment in them a profitable business. For us to take that risk, we would look for authors who come to us with;

  • A robust track record of sales through traditional bookshops
  • A significant following on social media channels
  • Back of room sales at public speaking and training events
  • Regular exposure in newspapers, magazine and broadcast media
  • An existing business in knowledge marketing

Authors who meet these criteria would be considered for full or partial traditional publishing.

Authors who don’t qualify for traditional publishing but who have a manuscript that meets our editorial submission requirements would be offered Partnership Publishing where the author and the publisher both play to their strengths and achieve something together that neither can on their own.  This hybrid model does require an author contribution but in every other respect, traditionally published to the book trade worldwide. We do not offer self-publishing.

Income Streams

  • If you do one public speaking event per quarter at £2,500 you will earn £10,000
  • If you sell just 23 books a week at your speaking events: from your website; through your email marketing and social media channels you will earn £10,000
  • If you sell 200 books a week through the book trade worldwide you earn £10,000
  • Increase in awareness of your personal brand as a published author? Incalculable!
  • Value to your business with you seen as the go-to person in your field? Incalculable!