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Celebrating Filament’s 19th Anniversary


We probably wouldn’t have noticed this if it wasn’t for Zara noticing that Twitter was reminding us.   Yes, we have been publishing for 19 years!  A big thank you to everyone who has joined us on our journey over that time and to the hundreds of authors whose books we have published. We have had a bestseller in Chinese with Dee Blick, who has also maintained her bestseller status in the UK as well. Congratulation to Carole Spiers whose book was translated into Arabic and is selling well in the Middle East and elsewhere.

At the heart of all this has been Zara Thatcher, our Production Manager, who has worked tirelessly to ensure that deadlines were met and books came out on time.  You have been amazing, Zara!

Also, a particular thanks to all of our talented team who help us to deliver our promises. All of them are experts in their field, highly professional and dedicated to delivering the best. Thank you all very much!

A special welcome to our newest member Mike Goss, who joins us a Project Manager and to act as an Author Champion in navigating their manuscript from Editorial, to Design and Origination, to Production, Pre-Launch and Publication. You would be amazed at all of the many steps that a book has to go through on its journey.  We are looking forward very much to the year ahead as we launch a number of new services and offerings. A big thank you to everyone who has helped us on our way!

The big question remains – will I be allowed jelly and ice cream to celebrate?  We can only hope!