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Congratulations, Rebecca! Dayglo author wins award!


By Glo Morgan, of Dayglo Books

Rebecca with her parents

Rebecca Constable has been honoured by the British Dyslexia Association as a winner in the Adult category of their Annual Awards, 2017.

Rebecca is a gifted graphic artist and creative writer. She is self-possessed, always attractively turned out, with long dark hair and a ready smile. Rebecca is a final year student of Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University. She is the model of a high achiever training to go into a creative industry.  And she is dyslexic.

Rebecca shares with all dyslexic people a degree of discomfort with the printed word.

She also shares with many dyslexic people a high level of intelligence and a high degree of creativity.

Creativity is often a great deal stronger in dyslexic individuals than in others, which leads many to see it as a compensating gift.

The brain processes pictures much faster than words. The fact is that many dyslexic people think visually rather than verbally. They are quick thinking.

Rebecca at the launch of her book in May 2017, with Dayglo’s Glo Morgan and Chris Day

Often, dyslexic people are naturally intuitive. Add to that a powerful dose of curiosity, and there you have the basis of a strong creative urge.

All original ideas start with creativity. The creative process drives us to innovate; find ground-breaking solutions to all manner of problems; invent completely new things and new ways of doing things.

Creativity allows us to imagine things that don’t yet exist. Creativity writes our future. For Rebecca, as for many other dyslexic people, it is a gift, indeed.

You can see Rebecca’s award-winning book here. The six versions of the book are identical, with a choice of six different coloured background tints to the pages. Dyslexic individuals find some colours work better than others for them.  For fluent readers, just pick your favourite colour.


IMPACT by Rebecca Constable, published May 2017

Choose the tinted pages of your choice:

(These are all in the “Very Light” level of colour saturation)

Champagne (cream) ISBN: 978=1-911425-59-5    Click here . . .

Pearl (grey)  ISBN: 978=1-911425-64-9    Click here . . .

Primrose (yellow)  ISBN: 978=1-911425-63-2    Click here . . .

Quartz (pink)  ISBN: 978=1-911425-61-8    Click here . . .

Apple (green)   ISBN: 978=1-911425-60-1    Click here . . .

Sky (blue)  ISBN: 978=1-911425-62-5    Click here . . .

Click here to download our ‘Smart Dyslexic’ P.D.F. and see how many famous names you recognise who have done well in spite of dyslexia.  Includes video link.