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Could 2018 be the Year of your Career?

Published on 23rd May, Zena Everett’s book Mind Flip is the top book you need to excel in your career.

A career title for all the family, from graduate to granny, with a celebrity endorsement from Graham Norton, it is the perfect book to give your career a well needed boost to launch yourself into 2018.

Zena is an absolute star. She will transform the way you look at your career forever!”

         Graham Norton.


As the end of the year approaches, 2018 is creeping around the corner, and many of us are filled with much uncertainty surrounding the future and our careers. This is a must read for anyone stuck in a career rut and wants more in 2018. It is also an ideal gift for those looking for Christmas ideas!

It is an essential read when we all need to Brexit-proof our careers”


With chapters for freelancers, returners, working mums, over 50s, and disabled job seekers, Mind Flip is a rare book which can be picked up by anyone.

Featuring information on:

         How to change careers,

         achieve promotion,

         find more fulfilling work,

         how to write a CV (using Zena’s CV template),

         interview tips,

         how to write a personal statement.

The first part Figure It Out will help you figure out the unique value you provide. Why should someone hire you, or use your services? The second part Crack On gives you the practical tools and techniques to launch your job search, in the quickest and most straightforward way, to find a new job, gain promotion or find the freelance work you want.

The third section Just For You is if you need extra help to get you to where you want to be (as a freelancer, returner, working Mum, over 50s, graduate or disabled job seeker). The final part Fulfill It helps you to keep going, to maintain your network, keep raising the bar on your aspirations and achieve the ambitions you previously thought were impossible; or maybe you didn’t know you had.

With a foreword from DeeDee Doke, editor of Recruiter Magazine.


About Zena

Zena is an international executive coach, with a rare cocktail of entrepreneurial, headhunting, organisational psychology and coaching experience.

She started and ran her own recruitment business and became fascinated with why some of her candidates were more motivated, confident and successful than others. To figure that out, she sold her business, completed a Masters in Career Management and Counselling, and undertook further postgraduate coaching training.

She now helps ambitious people to achieve career goals they didn’t know they had, or were capable of until they worked with her. Zena is a regular media contributor on career and workplace issues.