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Double take as lookalikes descend on the streets of London to promote book

Double take as lookalike celebrities take to the streets in a walkabout to promote Barbara Angela Kealy’s new book Double Deception

Emerging from London’s iconic Hippodrome Casino, some of show business’s most recognisable faces took to the streets in London’s West End causing an instant crowd to form to take selfies with the stars. Bruce Willis, Pamela Anderson, Joan Collins, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna were all posing for the camera – but all was not as it seemed!

The stars involved were some the world’s top lookalike and tribute artists who came out to support fellow lookalike Barbary Kealy, who is the lookalike of Dame Joan Collins. Barbara’s new erotic crime thriller Double Deception has just been released and is set in the world of lookalikes where nothing is as it seems.

Double Deception is set in the camp and exotic world of a Lookalikes and Tributes Acts Agency set against a background of crime and deceit. It will appeal to those who love a glamorous, lusty read, as well as those who love a crime thriller.

Always a performer at heart, Barbara sent her portfolio to a prestigious agency in London, who immediately spotted her potential as a lookalike for the iconic actress, Dame Joan Collins. As a result, she now spends her time travelling around the United Kingdom and Europe in her exciting new show business career. This has fuelled her life experiences, and certainly her first book.



Double Deception is out to buy now!

Photo credits: Picture Partnership

Lookalike Celebrities:

Dame Joan Collins – Barbara Angela Kealy, London

Marilyn Monroe – Melita Morgan,  Norwich

Pamela Anderson – Tanya Christensen,  London

Madonna – Lisa Anderson, London

Bruce Willis –  Terry Nicholls-White, Brighton

Bryanne McIntosh-Melville and Simon Reeves, as themselves as they appear in the book.