Author Business Coaching

Get clarity on your vision for the book, what it needs to do for you, your target market and your ideal reader.  Create a business model for the book, set milestones for the project and identify the routes to market, distribution channels and marketing strategy. Budget from £500.  (Based on two one-hour sessions, either face to face, over the phone or on the Zoom conference platform. 

Author Business Coaching Package – £500

Request a Reader’s Report and commercial evaluation of your manuscript

A Reader’s Report of your manuscript from a professional editor. A professional, objective look at your manuscript, offering constructive criticism and analysis. The reader’s report helps clarify your writing path, offers advice on where to position the book in the marketplace and how to target readers, niche readerships.

NOTE: Actual cost may vary dependent on the genre and length of manuscript. Estimate between £150 – £250.

Your Reader’s Report will determine if further editing or polishing of your manuscript is required. If so, this will be quoted for separately.

Editing and Proofreading

Our expectation is that when a manuscript is submitted, it has been thoroughly edited and proofread before it reaches us. There should be no spelling or grammatical errors!

If editing is required, this will be quoted for separately, on sight of manuscript. Editors typically charge between £155 to £200 per day.

Final proofreading is to pick up typesetting and layout errors – not to fix issues that should have been picked up before the manuscript was submitted. If your manuscript does require more work before publication, this will be highlighted in the reader’s report.

Book Design and Layout

Original Book Cover Design, creating a full cover spread, print-ready artwork. Making changes and design amendments up to one hour.   Budget for £300

Creating a book layout style for approval. Applying the agreed style to the manuscript and creating print-ready book artwork.   Based on the length of 60,000-word manuscript.  Budget for £500  

Creating eBook versions for Kindle, Kobo, Apple etc – £225