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Filament Events is a division of Filament Publishing and has been staging events of all sizes for two decades. During that time we have used designers, technicians, presenters, lighting, projection, staging and music to create an inviting and enjoyable space in which to communicate a message. From simply ensuring that a meeting has reliable equipment with a knowledgeable technician to operate it, to lighting a pop concert in a major arena, we have the expertise to make it happen, and happen well.

The Filament Events Director is Chris Day who has had an extensive career working in theatre, films and broadcast television plus in corporate television. He has also worked for the National Theatre as many London West End venues. for corporate clients he has stages conferences and events as far afield as China, Malaysia, France, Spain, Cyprus, Germany, Middle East and the UK.


Corporate Video Production

Our video production services are under the personal supervision of Tony Day.

“I’m a lighting cameraman / editor as well as a large sensor camera specialist.
I’ve been working in broadcast camera work for the past 29yrs, working in most areas of television and film production.
Over the last 14yrs I’ve been specialising in location documentary and news camera work / editing around the world… from Baghdad to Balham and anywhere in between.

lighting cameraman;
television drama;  commercials; feature films and tv news production; music video production (live gigs and studio recording); stills photography (including event, pack shot and commercials). Steadicam owner / operator.”

Tony Day Showreel_2015 from Tony Day on Vimeo.


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