Experts and Speakers

Is this you?

  • You are passionate and knowledgeable about your subject and have built a business around it
  • You are a platform presenter and public speaker
  • You give workshops, webinars and training events
  • You already have your own routes to market for your products at events and online
  • You have a substantial following on social media and have your own email list
  • You want to use your book to raise your profile and underpin your expert status
  • You want to be seen by the media as a knowledgeable expert
  • You understand that your book is a marketing tool for your business

What you need

  • You want your book to reflect your own high standards – and not have that ‘self-published’ look
  • You need to work with an editor to give your book a final professional polish
  • You want your book to be found and purchased worldwide through the book trade as well as online
  • You need access to back office services to support your public speaking, events and promotions
  • You need support for your website and social media campaign
  • You need a ghostwriter
  • You want to stay in control of your own project but need the help of an experienced publisher to steer you through

Filament Wildfire plugs you in to all of this, and more. It is a flexible subscription service based on your needs, which is there to support and grow your influence and sales. You can pick and mix from a wide range of editorial, creative, technical, publishing and distribution services, and only pay for what you need. Our responsive team are there to solve problems and achieve the results you need.

From Manuscript to Market in 16 weeks

      • Give you a weekly planning and mentoring call – on phone or Skype to help you create a profitable book project one step at a time
      • Welcome unlimited email questions and answers
      • Help you get clarity on your ‘Big Picture’ and what you want your book to do for you – and the doors you want it to open
      • Create a plan of action for editorial, origination, production, marketing and worldwide distribution
      • Provide you with your personal project management system to help you stay in charge of your project and communicate with all the creative and technical professionals who will be working on your project.
      • Recommend talented professionals for book layout, cover design, web design, proofreading, social media, press releases, book marketing and distribution
      • Provide you with training modules to help you to become self-sufficient
      • Membership of AuthorCraft – the professional network for authors
      • Free ISBNs for every version of your book

We will partner you step-by-step through each stage of your project with weekly phone or Skype calls, emails, fact sheets and training sessions. Our mentored programme takes you from Manuscript to Market in 16 weeks:

Strategy and Planning – Helping you achieve clarity on what you need the book to achieve for you. Identifying your routes to market your business model and prepare a budget for third-party creative, editorial or professional services.

Editorial Development – polishing your manuscript. Working with an editor, proofreader, illustrator, photographer.

Origination – bringing your book to life on the page. Cover design, book description, blurb, book categories, ISBN entries, creating print-ready artwork, setting up your social media and email marketing platforms, creating your author website, creating your YouTube promo videos.

Production – Producing a sample copy for approval, conversion to all eBook formats, print management, setting up supply chain and book distribution – and finally to launch.

Countdown to Launch – an intensive four weeks of social media and marketing activity supported with press releases, media interviews, speaking events and book signings.

Post Launch Support – After launch, you focus changes to maintaining and growing your presence online and in the media. You will be doing events, workshops, signings and media interviews. We are there to support you and grow your influence and sales. You can ‘pick and mix’ from a wide range of creative, editorial technical, publishing and distribution services and only pay for what you need. Our responsive team are there to solve problems and achieve the results you need.