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The Filament Author Bursary Fund

The Filament Author Bursary Fund

Every book we publish makes a small contribution to our Author Bursary Fund. This fund enables us to support deserving authors who have a worthwhile book project which, without support, would not be published. Author Bursaries are awarded on merit and by invitation only, usually based on the recommendation of an editor. In certain circumstances, the fund will also match an author’s contribution towards publishing services, pound for pound, to support a project. Bursaries cannot be applied for but may be awarded to help a very special project come to fruition. Recipients of a bursary will remain anonymous and all offers are made privately.

There are many excellent books that deserve to be published but which the author does not have the resources or expertise to bring them to market. For authors who have a non-fiction, self help, real-life story or how-to book, there is now a new route to market.

Subject to acceptance by the editorial group, authors may be offered a partial or full grant towards publishing their book. There are also other types of bursary that might be offered.

Authors will need to:

  • Submit a book proposal document using the template provided for evaluation
  • Complete a New Book Submission form
  • Submit a completed and fully proofread manuscript. Correcting errors in the manuscript is a chargeable service
  • Supply any picture or illustrations in full print resolution as a JPG image at 300dpi
  • Satisfy the editor that all such images are licenced for use in the book or are copyright free. Images copied from the web are not accepted
  • Demonstrate they have clarity on who the book is for and what niche it fits in
  • Demonstrate that there is a market and demand for the book
  • Have a website to promote and sell their book which fits our technical requirements
  • Be actively engages with social media and have grown a substantial following
  • Have the time and capacity to promote their book

Each book proposal is circulated to a list of people who might be prepared in the project. In addition, it will be circulated to designers, publicists and other publishing professionals who might be prepared to provide services on a pro-bono basis. Authors may be invited to make a live pitch for their book at an event.

All book will be given the same full professional publishing service as any of our other titles.

Authors will be able to purchase any quantities of book for them to sell at a 50% discount on the retail price. Book printing must be paid for at the time of ordering.

Royalties on sales made through the book trade provide a royalty to the author once such sales reach 500. From then, the author receives a royalty of 20% of the wholesale price.