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What Have our Authors Been up to?


Miriam Payne’s book ‘A Greyt Christmas Tail’ became the 19th best selling Christmas children’s book on Amazon.

Miriam and her dogs, Ramsey and Blue, were on Dog Vegas in Las Vegas, interviewed by Casey Smith on Saturday 25th November.



Tony Weekes was featured in CUB Magazine about his book ‘In my right Mind’ and the work he is doing with Unity MHS.

  • Every year, one in four people in the UK experience a mental disorder. Almost a quarter of a million children and young people in the UK are receiving help from the NHS Mental Health Services. Up to 1.5 million people in the UK care for someone with mental ill health AND… millions more suffer who SIMPLY aren’t diagnosed.
  • Tony Weekes is trying to change the way mental health is seen and create a brighter future through his book.

‘Wisdom and Wordplay’ is one of the few recommended books in the People’s Book Prize for Christmas.

  • Packed with 300 highly original one-liners, taken from Robert Eddison’s own uniquely coined stash of thousands. Under 150 different subjects, ranging from sex to political correctness.

Laurence Mitchell, author of ‘Aspie and Me’, was talking on UKHealth Radio.

  • This is available on Demand from UKHealth Radio so you can listen anytime. The UKHR app is FREE from i-tunes and Google Play.
  • Laurence’s book explores the life of someone with Asperger’s Syndrome and on the show he talks about life and the ups and downs that come with it.


Listen to Laurence Mitchell on UKHealth Radio

Children of the Revolution



Feroze Dada, author of ‘Children of the Revolution’ was nominated for a Charity Film Award for ‘The Inle Trust Joseph Calleja Opera live-Fundraiser’.

  • Feroze Dada was born in Karachi. He has lived and worked for most of his life in London. He is a qualified chartered accountant and chartered tax advisor. This is his first book, but hopefully not his last. Feroze travelled with MuMu (Farida) Dada – photographer, interpreter and guide. MuMu was born in Taunggyi, Burma and then lived in Karachi.

Lyndon Wissart, author of ‘The Inspired Diabetic’ was a guest speaker at the ‘Just 4 Curves’ Women’s fashion show on Saturday 2nd December in Wembley.

  • Through healthy eating and regular exercise, diabetic professional chef Lyndon Wissart managed to reverse, control and cure his type 2 diabetes in 105 days, naturally without medication.
  • This book shares his journey for the first time. Read his secret and discover yours. It could be a life-changing experience for you and your family, colleagues and friends.

Caroline Garnham wrote a piece about her new book ‘Who can you trust when your super rich? in the International eXcellence Luxury Magazine. 

Is trust the one thing money can’t buy?”