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New book releases:

  • Martin Caswell’s book, ‘Learn to Drive…An Easier Way’ was published on 7th November
  • Caroline Garnham’s books ‘Uncovering the Secrets of Winning Business from Private Clients By Caroline Garnham and ‘When you are Super-Rich, who can you Trust? Were published on the 7th November.
  • Janet Davis’ 2nd book ‘Gracie Blessings Battles the Bullies’ in her trilogy is out on the 28th November and has book signings in Oasis Bookshop, Romsey on Thursday 7th December from 11am – 1pm and Friday 8th December from 6pm – 8pm.










Awards and Nominations:

  • Dr Ava Brown, author of ‘The Mango Girl’ won the Heroine of the Year Award at Whole Life Activation Awards “in recognition for her bravery, taking big leaps, voicing out through her book ‘The Mango Girl’, so women globally can be liberated and empowered”.


  • Miriam Payne, author ‘A Greyt Christmas Tail!’ has been nominated by for a Cybils Award- Children’s and Young Adult’s Bloggers’ Literary Awards.



Three books reached number 1 best sellers on Amazon:

  1. Susan Scott’s ‘ How to Prevent Burnout’, her second number 1 book with Filament Publishing.
  2. Glenn Armstrong with ‘Become a Property Millionaire’.
  3. Robert Eddison’s recently published book ‘Wisdom & Wordplay’.

Many of our authors have featured in the media recently:

  • Miriam Payne is featured in the December issue of Prima magazine with Ramsey and Blue, her two greyhounds. She also appeared on BBC Radio Five Live, discussing the decline of pets.
  • Robert Eddison was in the Times, and Zena Everett featured in The Daily Mail
  • Caroline Garnham, author of ‘Uncovering the Secrets of Winning Business for Private Clients’ and ‘When you are Super-Rich, who do you Trust?’, appeared on BBC World Service Weekend on Sunday 12th November, discussing the Paradise Papers.