Not everyone has time to write a book

If you are at the top of your game and in the middle to managing your business, the thought of spending six months gabbing odd hours of the day and night to create 60,000 words, is just impossible. Fortunately, there is a solution!

Your book will be made of words, but those words could be spoken instead of typed. We can help you to speak your book, at the speed of thought, through a series of structured interviews online by Zoom or Skype.

We then take the recording, transcribe it and one of our editors tidies it up. It then goes back to the author to add things that were missed and develop it further. Much faster than starting from scratch. Finally, we involve one of our ghostwriters to smooth it out and turn it into a bestseller.

The advantages of this process are
• The words are in your authentic voice
• People with recognise your style and phases
• It is a much faster way than for you to sit and type
• You can also leverage downtime to dictate passages on your phone, and send the audio file to us for transcription
• Our Editorial team will check the manuscript for style and consistency, proofread it and ensure it is the best it can be.

Budget – allow for £6,000 (depending on genre and the number of words required)
You are seen at the author, there is no mention of the ghostwriter.