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Living a Divine Life – Joanne Lee Philpot

This is the inspirational true story of a woman’s journey towards self‐discovery and realisation! Joanne dreamt of a Yoga Retreat in sunny Italy, but found herself with a half‐built house in the hills and struggling to bring up four children. Yet through adversity she realises that problems can be blessings in disguise as there is a reason to every relationship and a purpose to every situation. In the course of telling her story and baring her soul, many people from all walks of life will relate to her difficult and sometimes shocking situations that are forcing her to change! Through her awakening, she gives hope to readers by using spiritual practices, eternal truths and secrets to life that teach us how to cultivate peace and love and to develop health and happiness.

In her engaging memoir Joanne draws from eighteen years of experience teaching yoga, but this is not solely a book for readers that practice the discipline; it’s a book about fulfilling your spiritual purpose, manifesting your material goals and learning to love yourself, all beings and our magnificent Mother Earth.

Title: Dreaming of a Divine Life ISBN‐13: 978‐1‐912256‐51‐8  Author: Joanne Lee Philpot Size in mm: 203 x 127 x 15
Pages: 270   Binding: Paperback  Age: A   Book categories: VXA: Mind, Body, Spirit: thought & practice BGX: Biography: religious & spiritual   BM: Memoirs   NOW ON SALE  RRP: £13.99

 Joanne Lee Philpot is the Divine Life Yogini. She lives
in London with her four children, teaching yoga
classes. She has been teaching Dynamic Hatha yoga
for eighteen years and Kundalini Kriya Yoga for two
years. She has just released her Divine Life Yoga and
Wellness video course. She gives advice on yogic
diet, lifestyle and the natural laws of the universe so
people can create the lives they want and make
their dreams come true.

 Joanne has also created the Peace & Unity Through
Well‐Being Association for every woman, man and
young person on the planet to come together and
help contribute to a more peaceful world.

 Joanne is a Yoga Ambassador for UK Health Radio,
contributing to yoga, health and nutrition talks. She
has a magazine feature in the upcoming Kindred
Spirit magazine in the May/June issue. She also has
features coming out in; Holistic Mag; Significant
Mag; Health Triangle Mag; Health and Fitness Mag;
and more to come.

 This is the second edition of Joanne’s book. Her first
edition, of the same title, was published by Matador,
an imprint of Troubador Publishing, in June 2017.

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