"Energy: Divine Secrets of the Universe" by Khaled Matar

I would like to introduce one of our new authors, Khaled “Equilibrius” Matar. Khaled’s new book “Energy: Divine Secrets of the Universe” is a daring portrayal of the current state of pandemonium that has arisen in the year 2020, with pandemics, civil disobedience, and natural disasters taking center stage. His extremely authentic take on current events and the gargantuan battle between the forces of good and evil makes for a riveting read, with his book set for release worldwide on 11.11.2020. “Energy: Divine Secrets of the Universe” is also available for pre-order now on the below links:

 Amazon (WorldWide): https://amzn.to/30GlqIw Barnes & Noble (USA): https://bit.ly/3l0FUDN Waterstones (UK): https://bit.ly/33jZVPx

 Please also make sure to check out and subscribe to his YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/33RPX8p

 in celebration of the book, Filament and Khaled are hosting a virtual launch event on 11.11.2020 at 7pm GMT. Please make sure to get your free tickets on Eventbrite today!: https://bit.ly/3drKYP2

 Khaled ‘Equilibrius” Matar, was born on New Year’s Eve 1986 in London, UK at 1:23 PM, to a young Egyptian couple who had left Cairo in search of a new opportunity in the West. As a child, KS. faced severe bouts of abuse, bullying, and personal turmoil, but was able to make it through his formative years through the power of literature. Reading the words of prolific authors such as Roald Dahl, JK. Rowling and Joanne Harris not only unlocked Khaled’s imagination and transported him to a world beyond his sometimes traumatic reality, but inspired him to follow in the footsteps of the greats and become an author himself.

While writing remained in his DNA, KS enjoyed an illustrious marketing career, which took off in 2010, when he became the first Arabic hire in Facebook’s Dublin headquarters, helping support the rise and protection of the Arab Springs, which had started on the social media platform. His career took him to all four corners of the globe, as he relocated to Dubai, Singapore, and Egypt, working for some of the biggest multinationals such as Unilever, Samsung, and Hilton. While his marketing career continued to thrive, his passion for writing remained potent, and in 2019, an unfortunate series of events led to a major change in direction.

Out of work, and during tumultuous times, Khaled embarked on a journey that would ultimately change the course of his life. His interest in politics, history and alternative news became heightened with the increasing instability that has plagued global politics and current affairs for the last few decades, as he set out to write a defining book that would help encapsulate this moment in time, and provide an in-depth context and analysis of the current state of anarchy that has ravaged through 2020.

During the writing period, the world lay witness to unprecedented chaos, as COVID-19 broke out, civil disobedience, social injustice and racial tension-filled all four corners of the globe, as KS. Passionately continued to chronicle the chaotic state of affairs.

Khaled is now a global citizen of the world, who has dedicated his life entirely to the Divine Creator and fighting the good fight against the dark forces of the universe.