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Kicking Negativity where it Hurts: Ewan Briscoe’s new book ‘Kick Start Your Life’

Inside the Institute of Directors, London, 2nd October 2017, Ewan Briscoe’s launched his autobiography Kick Start Your Life.

A mere nine-times British Taekwondo Champion Grand Master, Ewan’s book inspires smash through those seemingly impossible walls.

A crowd of 100 people turned up to support Ewan’s new book launch and witness a fantastic marital arts display. It’s not every day you turn up for a book launch and are greeted by a man smashing a huge wooden book.

With an array of exhilarating martial arts displays and influential speeches by leaders of the martial arts world, guests were left motivated to kick start their lives.

Speakers included the YouTube star Master Wong.

Ewan’s book aims to inspire people who are:

  • Looking for their path in life
  • Teachers and trainers looking for ways to inspire their students.
  • Those wondering what their purpose in life is.
  • struggling to overcome barriers.
  • Facing personal or work challenges and are in need of inspiration.
  • Professionals looking to take their career up.

Other notable guests included Briscoe’s Deputy, Master Waine who first trained under Grand Master Ewan over 25 years ago and author and comedienne Angie Le Mar.

 I had the pleasure of having Ewan on my TV and radio talk show. His advice to us was ‘build your daughter’s confidence by joining a Taekwondo class”.
– Angie Le Mar, book excerpt, page 17

Growing up with Ewan in Lewisham, Angie Le Mar, Britain’s first female Black stand-up comedienne, came to support Ewan in his new venture as an author. Ewan credits his attendance of Angie Le Mar’s book launch this year, as inspiring him to write his own inspirational book. His book is also a tribute to his Mother, who passed away on Mother’s Day this year, father and sisters, Angela and Beverly, who sadly, have also passed away. The book being officially published on the 2nd October, honouring Ewan’s mother’s birthday.

‘Wherever you are right now, and whatever challenges you face, this book can help you find your purpose and focus on the goals you want to achieve in the future. Get ready to kick start your life!’

– Ewan Briscoe

His services have also been sought after for self-defence courses, security personnel training, and by sports and TV celebrities for personal tuition. The Metropolitan Police are considering using his expertise to redirect young offenders toward a positive lifestyle teaching them to be masters of themselves – not victims of circumstances.

– Excerpt from Kick Start Your Life

Now it’s time to take them to the wider world – to help young people everywhere start to kick their way through life, to achievement, success and lasting contentment, and to help people who are facing setback and struggles in their lives to face up to challenges and find their path.”

Who is Ewan Briscoe?

A world-renowned martial artist, member of the 1987 European Championship taekwondo team, three times winner of the Combat Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award, founder of the Panther Taekwondo Academy and Trainer of TV Gladiators Cobra and Panther. Ewan is not another one who bites the dust.

Ewan’s dedication to the advancement of young people in his community landed him a Metropolitan Police Commendation Award.

Ewan’s family has experienced the impact of violence, gangs and bullying can have in society. Wherever you people have come from, whatever their upbringing, they can be in the wrong placed at the wrong time. Ewan helped many, many children find what inspires them and to be passionate about life, and draw them away from gang culture and crime. Children and young adults have a safe place outside of school and home, and are guided on the right path in life.

Ewan has extensive experience working with many people at his Academy, coaching and inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds, which led him to write his motivational book. Marketing his book to martial arts specialists, teens, parents, teachers and trainers and business men and women in need of a Kick Start.

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