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What type of manuscripts do you accept?

Filament is proud of its reputation for producing high-quality and successful books in all major genres. We accept new books to join our growing family of titles where:

• Their title is consistent with Filament’s publishing policy and values
• The book passes our editorial quality thresholds
• The project is one to which we can add value
• The project is viable and has the potential to be profitable for all
• The author has a clearly defined market for their publication
• The author is active in building and engaging with a following on social media
• The author has built a profile online and in the media
• The author is prepared to work in partnership with us to bring their products to market
• There is sufficient lead‐in time prior to the launch date to allow time for all necessary marketing and PR to take place

Our Senior Editor for submissions is Olivia Eisinger   – Email:

How do I make money from my book?

Even in this digital age, there is nothing that will give you more credibility than being seen as the author of a professionally published book. No eBook on its own will do it, and self-publishing deprives you of the endorsement that an established international publisher provides. There is also the danger with self-publishing, that you could even damage your reputation by producing a book that does not reflect your brand values.

Every new book is a start-up business
With every new business you need a vision, a plan and a business model. You also need to know the investment you need to make and the return you get on that investment. You need to plan for profitability right from the start. Our Author Business Coaching programme give you clarity on the process, the marketplace and the practical steps you will need to take to achieve your goal. You can’t afford to leave anything to chance.

Return on your investment
There are many ways through which we will help you turn your investment into profit. One of the ways to turn a profit is through the books which are sold directly by you through the routes to market that you control ie – face to face, via your website, email marketing, social media, your Book Preview widget, joint ventures, your public speaking events, training in schools and colleges, and strategic partnerships. These are your most profitable sales.
Profit to the author from these sales for a book selling at £14.99, is on average, £10 per copy. So, if you were to sell just 14 books per week through all of these sources, you would cover your costs within one year.
However, when you add to this the profit that you will make worldwide by sales through the book trade, plus new speaking opportunities that you will attract as a result of being seen as the expert in your field, as well as the impact that your new status will have on your consultancy work, our experience shows that you will recover your costs much earlier.
The book will then go on to make a profit each subsequent year and continue to raise your visibility as an expert, speaker and consultant. Our first-time authors are always pleasantly surprised at the impact this will make. The first thing that journalists ask when looking for someone to interview is, “Do they have a book?”

Traditional Publishing

Traditional Publishing is the original publishing model where all the cost associated with the publishing process are borne by the publisher who takes all of the risk and gets the largest reward as a result. The author makes no financial contribution and only receives a royalty. Filament do offer traditional publishing for a small number of hand-picked titles every year. For manuscript submissions that pass the scrutiny of our editorial team, our decision to publish will be based on the following criteria.

• Does the author have an existing track record of sales through bookshops?
• Does the author have a high profile in the media – press and TV?
• Is the author very active online and on social media, with a substantial following on social media?

Partnership Publishing

Partnership Publishing is based on the premise that the author and publisher both play to their individual strengths and achieve something together that neither of them can do on their own. With Partnership Publishing, the author is in charge, and the publisher is there in support of them but sharing their specialist knowledge and expertise; connections; creative, production, supply chain and distribution contacts. The author can purchase what services they require to take the book from the manuscript stage, through editorial, design and layout, proofreading, production, and to launch.

The book carries the publisher’s imprint and is distributed to the book trade worldwide by the publisher. It is not ‘self-published’!

With Partnership Publishing;

  • the author is in charge of their project – the publisher is there for help and advice
  • the author manages their project using a cloud-based project management system and can be as ‘hands-on’ (or not) as they choose
  • the author has direct contact with all the specialists on their project team – such as the editor, layout artist, cover designer, proofreader, PR expert, web designer, videographer etc.
  • the author chooses those tasks they are the best person to do, and outsources the rest
  • all rights remain the property of the author – no rights get signed away. The author licenses the publisher to manage rights on their behalf
  • you have a choice of business models – one size does not fit all
  • you receive training to enable you to be self-sufficient in all the skills and processes you will need to be a successful ‘Author-preneur’
  • Countdown to Launch programme – covering the build-up to publication day
  • Post-publication – media and PR, supply chain management, fulfilment and distribution, and ongoing training and support are provided.

For authors that only want to outsource one or more processes, we offer a ‘pick and mix’ menu of services to choose from on a pay-as-you-go basis.

By packaging a number of services together, it is possible to offer economies of scale. We can quote for a bespoke package with your selection from the menu of services.

Alternatively, you can select from the ready-made packages, based on what the majority of our authors ask for.

Become a Micro-Publisher

For authors who have more than one title and who want to create a business around their books, becoming a micro-publisher may be the answer. Unlike Self-Publishing where the author is primarily focused on bringing a single title  to market, Micro-Publishing is where the author has a knowledge marketing-based business with multiple products, courses, book and online products to sell. As a Micro-Publisher, they will manage all the processes themselves and buy in those services they require on an ad-hoc basis. They may want to create their own imprint or brand to appear on their products and website and would be looking for graphic artists, web designers, editors, proof-readers, PR and distribution solutions.

Filament provides a range of unbranded services to help micro-publisher to create and distribute their own titles through all channels.


Technically, self-publishing is where the author does everything themselves and chooses to publish in their own name.  Self-publishing can be risky is you are not completely sure of all the processes involved. Authors have the freedom to make all their choices – both good and bad! Many will successfully get their book laid out and printed – although many seem to forget the necessity of getting a professional proofreader. Supply chain, distribution and promotion often trip up self-published authors and many will take the seemingly easier option of putting all their eggs in the Amazon basket. Always remember that books published through Amazon are invisible to the book trade. If you rely on Amazon to print your books, they may well be shipped from the USA, and these additional costs can eat away at your profit.

Filament does not offer Self Publishing Services but can introduce authors the Self-Distribution services offered by AuthorCraft, the Professional Network for Authors, which provides member to member services such as editorial development, book design, printing and overseas distribution. It also offers book marketing and publicity services.

Book Genres

Each genre has a different publishing journey, a different market niche, and a different target reader. From an author’s perspective, one size does not fit all. Whether you are a fiction or non-fiction writer, your publishing journey starts with you being linked to a specialist editor who knows your genre inside out. Your editor will guide you to bring your manuscript to a point where it is the best it can be, and ready to share with the world. At the same time, we will recommend a book publicist who has a track record of successfully launching your type of book into the market and has the right media contacts.

No matter what genre you are writing in, what is essential is that, well in advance of publication, you have built up a significant following on social media and have all of the basic communication platforms in place to build and engage with your followers.

Creating a business around your book

Whether they are writing for fun or writing as a profession, every author deserves to get a worthwhile return for their considerable investment in the time it takes to bring their book to market. For an author to make money from their book, this has to be designed in right from the beginning of the project. It can never be an afterthought. To make a business of your book, you need to treat it like a start-up. You need to know about what you need to invest in your business, who to bring it to market and what return it will give you. You need to know about costs and margins. Most importantly, you need a plan. If you don’t plan to succeed, you are planning to fail – and this is too important to allow that to happen.

At Filament, we understand that for the authors to make informed business choices, they need to have facts and options. This is why we have author business coaches to help to build a profitable business from the start.

What can I earn?

Becoming a published author will raise your profile, make you of interest to the media, identify you as an expert and open new doors. It is how you use your new status that will determine the success of your knowledge business. Your income will be derived from a number of different sources apart from your actual book sales. For example, because you are an author, people will pay to come to your speaking events, they will pay for your training programmes or webinars. You can monetise your YouTube channel and have a membership website. All of these become possible once you have the status of a published author.

Don’t forget that the source of a book sale will determine what it is worth to you. The book that you sell on your website, through your email marketing, at the back of the room at your speaking events and all the other routes to market that you control, are worth the most to you – up to 70% profit on each book. However, the books that you sell through third-party retailers, like bookshops or online bookshops, give you only around 10% on a sale. Far less exciting! You need to make sure that you have all of your own channels in place if you are to earn the maximum return.

As with any business, you also need to know your costs and outgoings. Don’t forget to factor in carriage and postage costs, for example, as they can eat away at your profits. Treat your author business as a start-up business, and it will look after you well.

Children's Books

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Brenda Dempsey as our Education and Children’s Books specialist. Before becoming an author, trainer and inspirational public speaker, Brenda had a distinguished career as a teacher in the UK for over 25 years. She has extensive knowledge of the importance of writing books to appeal to particular age groups and ensuring that the vocabulary, structure and content are age appropriate. She will be working with our Children’s authors to help them really engage with their audience and making their books a commercial success.

Book a ‘Curiosity Call’ with a Publisher – without any obligation!

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Filament Publishing are one of the few publishers who are pleased to accept unsolicited manuscripts in all genres.

All submissions need to be in an electronic format (ie Word document) and not on paper.  You can attach your manuscript to this form using the links below.

In order for our editorial team to evaluate your manuscript, we will need a Reader’s Report, from an independent editor. If you do not currently have a Reader’s Report, we can arrange this to be done for you.  Depending on the number of words, and the genre, this will cost between £100 to £200. A readers’ Report is invaluable to both the author and the publisher.

Once your manuscript has been accepted by the editorial team, we will contact you with a Proposal for publishing.



BookFlow is our own unique global book distribution platform. It brings together all of our many print and distribution partners around the world into one portal to enables us to get your title found and distributed through the book trade in 220 countries.

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