The first anniversary of the death of Tony Buzan April 13, 2020

 Today, Easter Monday, a day of rebirth, when, the world is more or less united in lockdown, sees the first anniversary of the tragic, sudden and premature death of Tony Buzan. 

 Tony’s dream was to convert the entire planet into the adoption, comprehension and practice of what he termed Mental Literacy, in other words how the human brain actually works. 

 Amongst his many achievements were:

 The invention of Mind Maps

 Foundation of world championships in thinking sports, especially Memory. The World Memory Championship is now in its 29th year and has grown from single-digit figures to many hundreds. 

 Authorship of over 140 books with translations into fifty languages

 Foundation of The Brain Trust and its Magazine Synapsia 

 A burning passion to educate the children of planet earth and bring about a revolution in thinking

 Foundation of the Tony Buzan Academy of which Michael Gelb is now Dean. 

 I am determined to perpetuate Tony’s memory and to ensure that his achievements and legacy are preserved and will continue to flourish and benefit humanity. 

 Ray Keene OBE

Easter Day