Children of Hope by Simran Kahani


A Survivor’s Story. The search for a new life after disownment in the name of tradition.


Throughout her childhood, Simran was made to feel she had no worth in her family and was treated with indifference and cruelty. One day, her father announced that they had found someone in India who was prepared to marry her. She refused the arranged marriage and left home. Simran knew how angry her family would be. They would also be ashamed: by refusing to marry a suitable man and “running away”, she had brought great dishonour on her parents. And then the inevitable.

“Your father says you are not longer his daughter.”

Inspired by very real events, Simran Kahani charts the course of a life in which tradition and family, instead of being a source of strength and support, were turned into the opposite in the name of shame and honour. A story rooted in the past, but still a part of today’s changing world.

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