Dear Dad – Letters from the Heart by Virginia McFeeley


Letters from the heart: letters from daughters to their fathers. Perfect for Dad’s birthday or Father’s Day


Virginia McFeeley’s bond with her father was something that seemed to have a spirit of its own: unique and very hard to explain, but definitely very different to the relationship she had with her mother. But how did she know her father really loved her and that she was his favourite when he never said so to her?

Virginia says: “I remember with great clarity that when I was about four, Dad would come in from work and give me a small bag of sweets bought for me on the way home. Also, out of his breast jacket pocket – the one on his left, nearest to his heart – he would pull out a tiny picture and, smiling from ear to ear, he’d say in a playful and gentle voice, ‘That’s my girl!'”

Speaking about a subject she is very passionate about, Virginia shares letters from the heart: letters from daughters to their fathers.

The book also includes celebrity interviews from Fayon Cottrell, Catherine Gee, Ruth Langsford and Sue Cook, who discuss the relationship they have with their own fathers.

Virginia McFeeley studied NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and became a Master NLP Practitioner and Coach, coaching people in relation to their personal and professional goals and dreams.Dear Dad her first book and has helped to satisfy her first and foremost value in life, which is creativity in all its shapes and forms. It has also given her the opportunity to write about something she is passionate about; the relationship between women and their dads.

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