Everything is Broken by Jessica Stevens


Life after Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)


“The brain controls everything we do, and I believe it is the very essence of who we are.”

In 2015, at just 25 years old, Jessica Stevens sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Her car was completely written-off when she was involved in a severe road traffic accident just outside her house. Jessica was then airlifted to The Royal London Hospital. Her family were later told: “everything is broken”, and that she would never recover.

She remained in a coma for the next six weeks.

This inspirational book chronicles Jessica’s sheer grit, courage, and perseverance, resulting in her incredible rehabilitation and ongoing recovery.

A well-paced, fast-flowing narrative that is at once harrowing but totally uplifting and awe-inspiring. It will show you the power of the human spirit when all hope is gone, and how much trauma the human body can survive.

Born in 1989, Jessica was raised in London and has a Master’s degree in English Literature from Royal Holloway, University of London. She now lives in Buckinghamshire with her partner and her cat.

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