Motivation from a Tortured Mind by Michael Khatkar


To see the light, you have to experience the darkness


This book will ignite your CURIOSITY & IMAGINATION unleashing and motivating your natural ability to evade the menacing threat of DESPERATION & REGRET, in your cramped and insufficient time on earth.

Without HOPE your heart will truly die but hope isn’t enough to fulfil your DREAMS.

Motivation from a Tortured Mind with its conventional and provocative approach will: inspire your BELIEF, stimulate your DESIRE and undoubtedly agitate and reawaken the dazzling FIGHT that is dormant within every cell of your body.

Fascinated by the incredible power and fortitude of the human psyche, throughout the entirety of my life and career, I’ve studied people in one way or another from the analysis and hypothesis of Human Psychology & Behaviour to the indisputable, tangible lives of real people.

I sincerely hope ‘Motivation from a Tortured Mind’ incites and arouses your spectacular mind and manages to instigate even a miniscule positive change in your perception, attitude and belief, widening your vision and bringing into sharp focus the destination you crave.

Michael is also the author of Make my World Complete.

This book is also available to download as a Kindle.

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