Nostradamus – Prophet of Provence by Peter Lemesurier


The Novelised Biography


Nostradamus, Prophet of Provence┬áis a unique comprehensive critical biography of the famous French seer by Peter Lemesurier, widely regarded as the world’s leading English-language Nostradamus specialist.

Stretching from the prophet’s youth to his death, it takes the form of a historical novel comprising a series of imaginative cameos, with the author acting as a kind of ‘Devil’s Advocate’ against whom Nostradamus himself constantly argues, assuming him to be some kind of visionary ‘demon’. The book consequently contains many little-known insights into the seer’s aims, activities and working methods, and shows him struggling with the need to establish himself as ‘doctor’, ‘astrologer’ and ‘prophet’ amid the swirling challenges of plague, famine, war, death, professional jealousies, religious threats and growing ill-health, whilst at the same time attending to his responsibilities as a husband and father and fending off a wife who has a definite will of her own. Only at the moment of death does he finally realise (too late) his lifetime ambition of actually being able to see into the future…

The book contains translations of many original documents, and concludes with a full bibliography.

Peter Lemesurier has written ten published books on Nostradamus and three on the Great Pyramid and its alleged prophecies, one of them a world bestseller. Born in 1936, and a Cambridge MA in Modern and Mediaeval Languages, he has appeared in numerous TV films and radio programmes on Nostradamus, iincluding productions by the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, the National Geographic Channel and UK’s Channel 4.

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