You raise me up by Leila Pao Wilks


A true story of loss, love and hope, resilience and faith


Leila grew up on a farm and lived an ordinary life with her parents and siblings in the Philippines. When her mother was diagnosed with bone cancer and diabetes, she stopped going to school and looked after her mother. When she was 14, she made a terrible mistake and had to run away from home. Her mother died and she was buried without Leila seeing her body. But her mother visited Leila in a dream and asked her to take care of her four brothers and not to get married until they were old enough to look after themselves.

Little did she know, after completing the task her mother gave her, she would get married to someone from abroad and go to live in England.

Leila’s book will take you on a journey of her life and the many stormy seas she survived. Her book will open your eyes to events you may never have seen before in your life, which may have contributed to your sufferings.

You will discover how crucial it is to balance important life values, which Leila calls the 5 Fs. These are: Faith; Family; Finance; Fitness; and Friends.

Leila’s book demonstrates that when you have too much of one value dominating your life and very little of the others, you will feel empty. You will only have balance in your life and feel at peace and in a place of love, when you live your true life purpose aligned with these five values.

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