Define Yourself & become the architect of your future by MonaLisa Chukwuma (paperback)


A practical guide for developing and managing a powerful, compelling and enduring personal brand.

Paperback version, with flaps.


Take the time first to understand who you are and everything else will fall into place. Define Yourself is a practical guide for developing and managing a powerful, compelling and enduring personal brand. This book cuts through the jargon and confusion around what personal branding is about and gets to the heart of the what, why and how of personal branding. Filled with inspiring quotes from others with strong personal brands, the book challenges and encourages you to overcome any self or other imposed barriers and limitations, expand your vision, create a life of value and most importantly become your best self.

MonaLisa Chukwuma, founder and president of MonaLisa International, a fine art photography and image consultancy and creator of the MONALISA brand, is an image maker and author of image building and management texts including, Building An Extraordinary Profile, Personal Packaging, Fashion’s Classic Twelve and Daily Image Mantras. MonaLisa’s Image Consultancy transforms individuals, consultants, executives, entrepreneurs and politicians into strong, compelling and enduring brands. MonaLisa advises her clients on personal and business packaging and on how to increase their visibility and online footprint through personal publicity, so that they attract all their potential audiences and achieve personal and professional goals that propel them to the top of their field and help them to build an extraordinary profile. MonaLisa runs seminars and workshops and shoots photography projects in the UK, Europe and Africa. She is an advocate of women’s and human rights. MonaLisa believes in taking chances, in building her own path in life and in living her passion. When she’s not writing, you can easily find her cooking, horse riding, reading an old book, watching movies, exploring London or blogging her own daily adventures. She is addicted to learning about herself, about others and about life. MonaLisa lives in London, United Kingdom.

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