Follow up your way to Fortune by Gavin Scott


Discover all the shortcuts and clever ways of using all the social media platforms to build a following and grow your business


“There is an old saying, ‘The Fortune is in the Follow Up.’ Since starting out in business some eighteen years ago, we have certainly found this not only to be true, but also the biggest thing that separates the average business from the truly great business.

These days, there are far more ways of ‘Following Up’ than there were when we started, and technology is making it easier every day. In this book, I would like to share with you some of the no-cost methods that we now use, and which have made the biggest difference to us.”

Gavin Scott and Bonnie Arapes have built their massive business by helping others to success and by following a simple system. Gavin’s journey has taken him from the shipyards of Newcastle, to enjoying the sort of lifestyle that most people only ever dream of, but he has done so by sharing and helping others to do what he has done. This book is designed to help you on your own journey to success.

This book is also available to download as a Kindle

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