From Crew to Captain – Commander of the Fleet (Book 3) by David Mellor


A must-have for those considering self-employment. Inspirational but reassuringly practical. This is a self-help book that really works.


This book completes a trilogy. Book 1 (From Crew to Captain) addressed how to make the transition from working for a big institution to working for yourself. Book 2 (A Privateer’s Tale) looked specifically at how to set up as a sole practitioner consultant or similar.

The purpose of this book is to help people who have set up their own business, proved to themselves and the market that their model works, and are looking to take it to the next level. I have made this journey, and helped many others do the same.

As with the first two books you will find inside a number of practical tips and hints, all garnered from the “University of Life”.

We will look at 4 important aspects of early business growth:

  • Assessing the Situation – what does the business look like today, and why do you want to change it?
  • Achieving Transformation – how do you go about creating and implementing a change strategy?
  • Assessing the Outcome – how do you evaluate success?
  • Building a Consultancy Practice – how do you move from a sole practitioner to a multi-consultant practice?

Since 2001, David has developed a portfolio of activities which derive principally from 25 years experience in commercial and investment banking with HSBC and Deutsche Bank. His consultancy activities embrace strategic planning and implementation, and mentoring existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. He is a recognised expert in his field, regularly speaking at conferences, and running seminars and workshops. He provides one-on-one and group mentoring to aspiring entrepreneurs, many of who are aspiring consultants. He also teaches business management at Cass Business School where he holds the title of Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow. He has run workshops on managing strategic change, entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, leadership, building high performance teams, and sales. In addition he provides mentoring and facilitation support. He holds a Bachelor and a Masters degree from the University of Cambridge, and is a member of the Institute of Directors.

This book is also available to download as a Kindle, and as an eBook from Apple iTunes, Kobo, Waterstones, OverDrive and Barnes & Noble.

Click here for From Crew to Captain (Book 1) and From Crew to Captain: A Privateer’s Tale (Book 2) by David Mellor

David is also the author of a new trilogy, published 2019:

From Crew to Captain: A List of Lists (Book 1)

From Crew to Captain: A List of Lists (Book 2)

From Crew to Captain: A List of Lists (Book 3)

He is also the author of Changing Tack: Making the transition from working full-time to semi-retirement, publishing in 2020.

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