GeniusX: Business Intelligence by Damrong Pinkoon


Interrelationship Problems are easily overcome if we use intelligent learning to deal with people around us.


GeniusX: Business Intelligence presents established guidelines to help you understand your inner self as well as those around you across a variety of situations. Positive thinking, critical decision-making, personnel selection, ways of life and customised methods for business operations are presented via the concept of people categorisations of which Cognitive Neuroscience lists six types; Game Changes, Entrepreneurs, Networkers, Informationists, Uniques and Sharers.

We are able to learn about people if we can unlock the diverse decision-making processes that take place in their brains. Once we understand the inner workings, we can rectify problems and deal with all types of people and situations. Knowing the unique working styles of individuals allows you to build success at work, and enjoyment in your personal life at your own pace.

Damrong Pinkoon is an Author, Business Strategist, Inspirational Coach and Speaker specialising in NeuroMarketing.

He is the Founder of Rester Massage Chair Company (the number one massage chair in Thailand), as well as the NeuroGenius Institute and is the author of over 60 Thai books, translated into ten languages and distributed worldwide in over 50 countries.

Damrong is also a successful lecturer on business and innovation for organisational development. He is currently studying a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience at Burapha University, where he created a new course called ‘GeniusX Business Intelligence’ to reveal the secrets to succeeding in your own way.

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