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Mind Flip by Zena Everett


Change the way you think about yourself and reinvent your future

This is the Second Edition of Mind Flip, and will be available from 11th January 2019. Order now and we’ll dispatch when it’s out!


Mind Flip is a new must-read career manual for anyone looking to change jobs, achieve promotion or find more fulfilling work. Written for all career stages from Graduate to Granddad, including Mum Returners, over 50s, women in business and the new self-employed, it is the culmination of Zena’s many years of working in recruitment and  career coaching.

Mind Fipping is to flip your focus away from yourself and instead look outwards – on to the value you add and the problems you, uniquely, can solve for other people.

Comedian Graham Norton believes that this philosophy will help you transform the way you look at your career – for ever! The book provides you with everything you need to fire up your career, on the future of recruitment and talent management.

The first part Figure It Out will help you figure out the unique value you provide. Why should someone hire you, or use your services? The second part Crack On gives you the practical tools and techniques to launch your job search, in the quickest and most straightforward way, to find a new job, gain promotion or find the freelance work you want. The third part Just For You is if you need extra help to get you to where you want to be as a freelancer, returner, working Mum, over 50s, graduate or disabled job seeker). The final part Fulfill It helps you to keep going, to maintain your network, keep raising the bar on your aspirations and achieve the ambitions you previously thought were impossible; or maybe you didn’t know you had. It even includes a chapter on when things can go wrong – such as working for a Narcissistic Boss – and what to do about them.

Zena is an international executive coach, with a rare cocktail of entrepreneurial, headhunting, organisational psychology and coaching experience. She started and ran her own recruitment business and became fascinated with why some of her candidates were more motivated, confident and successful than others. To figure that out, she sold her business, completed a Masters in Career Management and Counseling, and undertook further post-graduate coaching training. She now helps ambitious people to achieve career goals they didn’t know they had, or were capable of until they worked with her.

Brought up in Ireland, Zena coaches people from many different cultures and backgrounds, from actors to actuaries and mum returners to MBAs, coaching on the Executive MBA programme at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School.

Her recruitment business recruited other recruiters – so not only was she a recruiter – she was a recruiter’s recruiter. This gave her unique inside knowledge of how recruitment consultants evaluate CVs and why some candidates make it through filtering processes and others don’t. She comes from the sharpest end of the recruitment business and demystifies the black arts of this industry. Her dissertation provided unique insights into how recruiters, HR professional and employers evaluate the personal statements on CVs and she draws on this in her first book, Mind Flip.

Zena is a regular media contributor on career and workplace issues (BBC London: Careers Agony Aunt with Jeni Barnett; LBC; BBC 5 Live; BBC Berkshire; Sky News; Radio 4 Today Programme; BBC One Breakfast; The Guardian; The Financial Times; High50; Cosmopolitan; and Vice). She is passionate about raising the confidence and ambition of people at work and is a popular, inspirational speaker at conferences and events.

She is a non-executive director and trustee of Quo Vadis Trust, a social housing charity that supports people with mental ill health. Zena lives in London and is writing books.

To view details of her events and to sign up to her mailing list please visit:

Zena is also the author Crazy Busy: How to get more done in a day than you do now in a week

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