More Money, Less Stress by Ben Kench


How you can finally live the life you imagined when you first launched your own business


Are you challenged by the demands of running a small business?

Does the constant struggle leave you frustrated and wishing that you could have more money and less stress?

Ben Kench is the UK’s No 1 Business Growth Specialist, and has helped thousands of business owners massively transform their business and their lives by applying his fresh and innovative thinking. Ben is also the author of Selling for Dummies.

In this book, he shares a powerful and proven antidote to the struggles most people experience when running a smaller business so that you can get back to that dream of a better life, not a more stressed one!

As Ben talks to you throughout this book, you will learn:

  • Methods and systems that, when applied, can double your performance capability
  • How to handle and reduce stress so that YOU have a life back!
  • Where to look to find instant profits that have been hiding right underneath your nose
  • Success habits that are never taught in business school
  • What refined selling skills to add and how to see the instant improvement in your sales incomes

This book will reshape your thinking and relaunch your business towards explosive and healthy growth…and more fun!

This book is also available to download as a Kindle

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