Rebel Entrepreneur by Mark Lyford


Porn, Paradise, Pot and Prison

Life, Business and Lessons Learned


Porn, Paradise, Pot and Prison

Life, Business and Lessons Learned

Mark is as unconventional as unconventional comes. His business career has had its fair share of ups and downs, but all along lessons have been learned and Mark shares those lessons with everyone he can. Mark is an online business authority and knows what businesses need to cut out the rubbish and get to the bottom of making money online and in their business. Mark is considered a veteran online, starting his business in 1997 and being pointed in the right direction by his first mentor to ‘go where the money is’, and knows that this rule is still as relevant now all these years on. In the past few years, Mark has been exposed to many life experiences that have changed the way he thinks about life and business, and believes those experiences can help others in their own lives too.

Mark Lyford has been called ‘The Rebel Entrepreneur’ when it comes to his outlook on life and business. Never one to stick to the rules, Mark has always made his own. With his many websites and being an in-demand public speaker, coach and consultant, he is globally recognised as an expert of online business and a unique inspirational and motivational character.

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