YOU are the BRAND by Janey Lee Grace


PR secrets to fast-track your visibility and sky-rocket your success


Are you an Expert, Author, Coach, Practitioner, Entrepreneur, or would you like to write a book or develop a heart-centred business? Would you like to grow your business or attract more visibility for the authentic work you do? If you have a passion and a purpose, a product or service that you believe in, a message that you want to share, this book is for you.

In this book, Janey Lee Grace, who has worked in the media for twenty-five years as well as running her own successful business, reveals how you can achieve the visibility you need to succeed in the modern marketplace by putting YOURSELF at the top of your brand. Get clarity on your USP, recognise the importance of creating compelling content, be confident and authentic, and get the inside track on making the right connections with both clients and your community, and also producers and journalists. Turn your passion to profits, sky-rocket your visibility, and be inspired by the success stories of others.

Janey learned all the tips and secrets that she is offering you today the hard way, but her efforts have rewarded her with, as an author, an Amazon No 1 bestselling book, many national TV appearances as an expert commentator, and, as a presenter, 15 years (and still counting) as a co-presenter on the UK’s biggest radio show on BBC Radio 2 (now eight million listeners), and also being voted the No 1 personality in the Natural Beauty Yearbook for two years running, as well as a website that received a quarter of a million hits in its first month online. Janey currently write columns for many magazines, and her dedicated PR efforts for individual clients have resulted (for them) in some life-changing media breakthroughs. But it’s not just PR that you need, and sometimes it’s finding that clarity and vision that you know is within yourself, and searching for release! Janey wants to help you find that vision, package it, and send it out into the world in a way that will make it listen!

This book is also available to download as a Kindle, and as an eBook from Apple iBooks, Kobo, Waterstones, OverDrive, and Barnes & Noble.

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