A Greyt Pirate Tail by Miriam Payne


Join the two best friends on their second adventure!


This swashbuckling story of mischief and danger was inspired by Blue’s fear of fireworks. Ramsey comes up with a plan to get back at the pirates who dared to scare his girl. Join them on this rollicking adventure as they teach some salty seadogs a lesson of friendship, teamwork and bravery.

Despite his own dislike of fireworks, Ramsey always tries his very best to comfort Blue when they’re going off. Most greyhounds have a huge fear of fi reworks, due in no small part to the displays that are held at tracks throughout the year.

Greyhounds are classified as livestock rather than pets and Miriam is hoping that she can do something to change that. Educating the next generation is the way to effect change; having children fall in love with greyhounds and lurchers means that, hopefully, they will be treated more kindly in the future.

A Greyt Pirate Tail is Miriam’s second book starring her rescue dogs Ramsey and Blue. The first, A Greyt Christmas Tail, reached number 16 on Amazon and raised valuable funds to support the work of Foal Farm Animal Rescue and Birmingham Greyhound Protection. Miriam is an Emmy Award winning ex-journalist who lives in Wigan with her husband and three dogs.

“This is the most delightful book anyone of any age will read all year.
A ‘tail’ of derring do, with exquisite and hilarious illustrations – PAWSOME!”
Pauline McLynn, Actress and Author


To follow the journey of Miriam, Ramsey and Blue in their blog, or to book a school visit or see them at one of their regular events, please visit their website; www.miriampayne.co.uk

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