How to have a Magic Memory by Dr Sue Whiting


The Wizard of Spells show you How to have a Magic Memory


Primary school children will receive the very best in their academic life with this revolutionary series of books packed full of practical and comprehensive ideas from memory expert Dr Sue Whiting. She draws upon her extensive knowledge in this field to teach nine to eleven year olds the most effective strategies for learning to use their memories, so it becomes a Magic Memory.

Key points:

  • Expert advice: Drawing on latest research and her own experience in memory competitions and teaching children, Sue┬á gives authoritative guidance that you can trust.
  • Comprehensive: In the full series, all aspects of memory training w ill be included.
  • Step by step: Individual books are set up in a step-by-step sequence so children can use them with minimal parental involvement.
  • Fun to use: Easy to read text with cartoon illustrations, puzzles and quizzes (with awards) give children a sense of achievement.

Sue, a grandmaster of memory, is a former Women’s World Memory Champion, having won the title for five consecutive years. Working as a writer, speaker, coach and independent memory consultant, she has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of memory.

This book is also available to download as a Kindle.

Dr Sue Whiting is also the author of How to put the Spell in Spellings and Visual Memory Fun: Visual Memory Puzzles for pre-schoolers.

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