The Lowly Chicken by Darren St Mart


Three stories with pictures to colour in!


Three delightful modern children’s stories in one book, plus colouring activity pages! Follow the stories of the Lowly Chicken and his friends!

The first story, ‘The Lowly Chicken’, sees the Lowly Chicken learn how to appreciate what he has.

The second story, ‘Crossing the road safely’, sees Henry the chicken show Reginald the horse just how you are supposed to cross the road, so that you stay safe and sound.

The third story is ‘The pound of spaghetti called Bepe’, which explains how you should never judge anyone just because they look different from you.

One night, Darren St Mart woke up and had dreamed up the whole of ‘The Lowly Chicken’ story from start to finish, so he immediately sat up and began typing away. Being a photographer was then his main passion and pursuit. But little did he know the reaction that his story ‘The Lowly Chicken’ would get from the children of friends, with one of them reading the story to her classmates! The aim of Darren’s stories are to help educate children to be good and to use their own imagination. Children can sometimes switch off when being lectured to, so Darren hopes that sharing his stories will help educate children in a way that they will enjoy and learn.

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Dimensions 15 × 21 × 0.8 cm


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