The Treasure King by Camille Daligand


A fantastic short story for children, with a good moral message.


The Treasure King was the wealthiest man in all the land until a sad little hungry boy comes a knock knocking on his door. Find out what happens when the Treasure King refuses to help the little guy out.

FUN FACT: The Treasure King has a hairy wart on his middle toe that talks to him in his sleep.

Moral message: be kind to all you meet!!!!

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Cami Daligand has dedicated her years to the field of child psychology. Having completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Pretoria. She went on to complete an honours (in child psychology) as well as a postgraduate degree in the field of applied psychology through the University of South Africa and the University of Liverpool respectively. She has worked with Autistic children for the last three years and aims to raise money for a fund: ” The Au’some” fund to help underprivileged families whose children are on the Autism Spectrum. The fund was started in conjunction with a Special needs school in Cape Town South Africa. Camille’s latest venture is an online children’s book and toy store: which aims to raise the money for the aforementioned fund.

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