Forever After, Amen by Norma Denner


A book that will lift you out of the doom and gloom you may find yourself in after a tragic loss and will take you to the highest peak through God’s Word


David and Norma Denner came together in the late sixties at Gatwick Airport. Their story is told in Norma’s autobiography, Looking through a glass, darkly. A torrid relationship that covers divorce, alcoholism and many geographical changes, a heart-warming but sometimes tragic story that is held together by their deep love for one another. The book tells of two people who came out of darkness into God’s wonderful light and covers Prison Ministry and Manna Ministries, a ministry devoted to people with debilitating addictions. For forty years, they were together until 3rd October 2013, when David was called home…

Forever After, Amen is a little book written with love to comfort the broken-hearted. Norma Denner writes at a time when she is at her lowest ebb after losing her beloved husband and soulmate, David.


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