Overcoming Distraction by Dr David Uwagboe Oronsaye


Learning how to overcome physical distractions, and spend more quality time with God.


Many believers today waste most valuable of their time and energy on playing computer games, watching TV and movies, browsing the Internet and engaging in unprofitable chatting on social network sites. All these constitute physical distractions when they hinder you from spending quality time with God in prayer, studying the Bible and reading good Christian literature, attending services and prayer meetings, evangelising and doing something worthwhile with your time for others and for the kingdom of God.

When you succumb to distraction, your life, home, marriage, business or ministry becomes accessible to all sorts of evils. Distraction is evil; it is a killer, a destroyer and a waster. You cannot allow distraction to reign in your life and still ascend your throne of glory and honour in life. You cannot embrace distraction in life and still possess your possession in life. Distraction always strips its captives of all their glory, honour, power, beauty, wealth and riches.

Dr David Oronsaye is the Co-founder and General Overseer of the All National Christian Centre international based in West Norwood, South London. He is a powerful preacher and the author of several inspirational books. He is married to Pastor Judith Oronsaye and they are blessed with four daughters.

This book is also available to download as a Kindle

Also available to download as a Kindle is Power of Focus by Dr David Uwagboe Oronsaye

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