The Mystery of the King by Peter Loughran


The intriguing story behind the finding of the lost Gospel of Matityahu and the astonishing secrets it uncovers


The greatest of all historical mysteries is that of Jesus – was he ‘God’, or just a man? Did he really exist or is he merely a legend? The evidence in the four gospels is confused and contradictory, the provenance of the gospels themselves shrouded in mystery and open to doubt. We might know the answer to the question of Jesus if we had an earlier gospel of his life, one written by his friends in Israel, in the Aramaic language.

There are rumours that such a gospel once existed, written by a Jew called Matityahu, ‘in the Hebrew language’, but it hasn’t been seen for nearly two thousand years.

The Mystery of the King is the story of the finding of this lost gospel, and of the picture it paints of the real Jesus.

The Mystery of the King is not just another theory about the Jesus puzzle; it is the solution which has put the enigma to rest for all time.

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